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We are all individuals with unique genetic makeup and metabolism which play an important role in the way foods affect us and the way we absorb and utilize nutrients.  In addition, we have come into the world to heal both emotionally and spiritually and therefore our journeys often bring about stress.

Wellness & Nutrition

Let Me Partner With You!

During my 20 years as a clinical nutritionist and 8 years as a leadership coach, I have helped a broad range of patients facing a wide variety of life changes and health conditions. 

I work with  adults and children and provide prenatal nutrition, weight loss and anti-aging programs.   I help those who are simply interested in learning to eat better and need support with lifestyle change and I also work with those who have chronic illness, ie. diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, colitis, acid reflux, arthritis, candida, cancer, HIV, etc.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

In my practice, I work with the whole individual and use a Functional Medicine approach. We will explore food as medicine and use some supplements to accelerate healing.

Sometimes we get stuck along our path and cannot move forward.  Since emotions play an important role in how we nourish ourselves, they can often get in the way of the changes we are trying to make. 
For those wishing for support to help with these blocks, I  incorporate EFT and BACH FLOWER ESSENCE sessions into your program.