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“As a nutritionist, I see myself as a facilitator in the healing process of those who are drawn to work with me.

We are all individuals with unique genetic makeup and metabolism which play an important role in the way foods affect us and the way we absorb and utilize nutrients.  In addition, we have come into the world to heal both emotionally and spiritually and therefore our journeys often bring about stress.”

As a nutritionist, I partner with my patient along each step of our relationship with me providing guidance on your journey to better health.

At our initial consult, which is approximately 2 hours, I will complete a clinical evaluation and get to know you. In that session, we will go over:

Your diet, the health questionnaires, family history and the stresses and structure of your lifestyle.
I will start to educate you as to the dietary changes that would be helpful to you and recommend dietary supplements that can assist your body in the process of healing.

Since each indivi
dual is different, your program will be individualized.

Follow up sessions range from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on your needs and your program.

Healing is a process and learning about nutrition requires education. Also feedback from my clients is important so that I can continue to get information that assists in understanding your clinical picture.

In subsequent sessions, I will continue to educate and support you. We will together look at what has worked for you and what has not. I may need to add or change your supplement program or recommend some other kind of testing. Part of our work together will be to help with the stresses and lifestyle changes that are necessary to support a more nutritious diet to allow your body to heal.

Your First Session Check List

Download and complete the following health questionnaires:

Blood Work
Medical Symptoms

Yeast Questionaire

Bring seven day food diary

Record everything you eat or drink along with the time from the minute you rise until bed

Bring any recent blood work that you have had done

If no recent blood work, get recommended blood work at your next doctor's visit